Leaders in Diversity & Equity

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We provide clear steps to achieving your goals in belonging and equity by looking at the many layers that hold up systems of oppression: individual, interpersonal, institutional, and ideological. Recognizing these layers allows us to take a targeted approach, leading to transformation.

This requires individuals and organizations to learn to be BRAVE.

  • B uilding Awareness
  • R esults and Research Orientation
  • A uthenticity
  • V ulnerability
  • E valuation

Our focus on transformation is more than simply semantics, it is intentional and necessary. Change requires modifying your actions to achieve desired results. Transformation requires modifying your lens and worldview so that natural actions achieve desired results.

We want to use our expertise in equity, diversity, and belonging to help shape your lens and worldview. We know that once you develop the lens and worldview needed to create belonging, equity, and bravery, you can use your content expertise in your field to create equitable and brave spaces.