Race, equity, diversity and inclusion matter in our lives, community and the workplace. When taking steps to evaluate your organization’s current state and planning for the future, you need an experienced, skilled, and collaborative partner. Dr. Hannah Matthys has proven to be that partner. She took the time to help us formulate goals and address our concerns. Along with her team, she developed a plan to assess our organizational and personal intercultural competence and used this baseline to recommend cross-cultural training. Under the guidance of Dr. Hannah Matthys we are building our capability to shift perspective and adapt behavior to cultural difference and commonality while fostering a more inclusive environment. I highly recommend Dr. Matthys and her team.Guy Pasquino, Executive DirectorReading Partners Colorado

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with Dr. Hannah Matthys, it’s that her intention behind everything she does is to enact real and impactful change. Her leadership and direction was one of the primary factors in our organization making a public commitment with our partners in Aurora to actively advance our equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work to serve BIPOC communities there. She facilitated a focus group that provided concrete data on how to best serve our constituents, and then oversaw strategic meetings as we collaborated to develop a plan of action. There can be a tendency for organizations to fall back on traditional ways of doing things, but Hannah was effective in holding stakeholders accountable and reminding them of the actions our community called for. She was vital in opening our minds to new ways of operating that would be inclusive of more communities, and she will continue be a valuable partner for us going forward as we implement the strategies she helped us put together.Larry Melton, Manager - Communications & Development; Co-Chair of EDI TeamUSA Ultimate

Dr. Hannah Matthys' presentations clearly made a significant impact on the adoptive parents involved with Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families. Our parents enter these conversations with varying degrees of knowledge about race in the U.S. and Hannah was able to meet them where they are at, so to speak. It can sometimes be difficult to provide the foundational information for families who are at the earlier stages of their awareness, while also providing new learning opportunities for other parents, but Hannah very adeptly met a variety of needs. Additionally, her webinars really made space for families to personalize this new information, and to think about how it applies to their children and their family. We truly felt that participants left with a more nuanced understanding of how race intersects with the experiences of transracial adoption.Pam Sweetser, Executive DirectorHeritage Camps for Adoptive Families

We knew we needed to do something as a company to address the subject of diversity and Hannah at Be Brave was our answer. Hannah came very well recommended and for good reason. She opened a thoughtful and interesting conversation with my team around the subject of diversity and identity that went far beyond the typical. Using several easy-to-employ techniques, Hannah had our team talking about themselves and their perspectives on identity in ways we had not experienced before. We are not only more aware of one another as individuals, we have been discussing ways of integrating these teachings into our company and team meetings.Jamba Dunn, CEORowdy Mermaid

Dr. Hannah Matthys is a powerhouse! She combines vision and energy with excellent work habits, expertise, humor and compassion. Hannah has helped guide our Board through raising EDI work to a top priority. Specifically, as leader of Altitude’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion taskforce, Hannah has recruited diverse community members and planned meaningful, long-term training and outreach in areas traditionally underserved in our community. She has developed a coach certification and piloted a course to provide potential coaches with cultural-sensitivity training and techniques. Another recent initiative arose after members of our community expressed concern about our relationship with the City of Aurora, where racist police practices had garnered national attention. Hannah organized a task force with Black members of the ultimate community as well as residents of the City of Aurora. She devised a format where community voices could be shared and heard, and the task force produced a series of actionable recommendations which have guided further work for our organization. Hannah’s ability to organize, lead and empower our organization and stakeholders has proved incredibly valuable to our community.Philip Lohre, Board PresidentAltitude Youth Ultimate