All services are personalized to your organization, and driven by some key building blocks for success. These building blocks were forged through my doctoral level expertise and real world experience leading EDI in organizations. The work we do together will be personalized to your organization and employees, will be informed by current theories and research, be results driven, and provide an evaluation component.

Services include:

  • Workshops
  • Team Building
  • Consulting (often with Human Resources, Executive Teams and Diversity Committees)
  • Coaching
  • EDI Based Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Keynote Speaking

Building a Relationship

Organizations that build a long standing relationship will be more successful in the long run. Part of this is that they are already primed to commit to this work- they are willing to put the resources in to grow in this journey. It is organizations who build long-term partnerships that see the most value in this work.

Keeping in mind that there is no silver bullet workshop that will transform your organization, I am willing to discuss providing a single workshop. I don’t want to keep organizations from embarking on this journey, and have found that a workshop can often plant the seeds necessary to dig a little deeper. We can discuss the needs and goals of your organization, to provide a personalized workshop that will be beneficial.